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P4, P5, PSLE Math

Ex-MOE School Teacher

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Ex-MOE school teacher teaching P4, P5 & P6 math. 

Teaching Medium:

Face-to-Face Group Tuition (Max 2 or 3).

Bukit Timah (next to Tan Kah Kee Mrt Station).

Refer to the Track Record page in Menu to see performance of past students. 

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Track Record

Current (and recent 5 years) students from:

Nanyang Pri, ACS (Jr), ACS (Pri), MGS, SCGS, Shuqun Pri, CHIJ (Kellock), CHIJ (OLQP), Henry Park, Beacon Pri, West Grove Pri, Bt Timah Pri, Rosyth, South View Pri, Edgefield Pri, Greenridge Pri, Admiralty Pri, Bt Panjang Pri, Clementi Pri, SJI, Fairfield MGS, Jurong West, De Lasalle, West Spring Pri, Radin Mas, Rulang, Pei Hwa Presbyterian & RGPS.

2021 Prelim
Despite disruptions from home-based learning or even temporary suspension of lessons by some P6s, more than 70% of P6 students managed to achieve at least 1 AL grade improvement in their Prelim within a short span of 3 months leading to Prelim. This is made possible by twice weekly lessons (to play catch up) as well as continuing to engage students' interest by simplifying complicated math concepts.

2020 Prelim
50% of students ranked Top 5 in their respective classes. 2 students who failed math at time of joining in P5, scored more than 80% for prelim.

2019 PSLE
45% of students scored A*. 80% of students scored A/A* and 90% of students attained at least 1 grade jump in PSLE from the time they joined.

2018 PSLE
40% of students scored A/A* and 70% of students attained at least 1 grade jump in PSLE from the time they joined. Students have done well given that 70% of them failed math or had borderline passes prior to joining and 60% of students joined in P6, effectively with less than 9 months for PSLE preparation.

2017 PSLE and before
100% of PSLE students passed Math. Commendable achievement given that 50% of students failed math prior to joining and 85% of students joined only after P5 SA1 and later. 95% of students improved by at least 1 grade and 50% of students improved by at least 2 grades.

Students are able to score high or from fail to a pass mainly due to high scores typically achieved in Paper 2 Problem sums. Complicated Paper 2 problem sums are explained very simply such that weaker students (those who previously failed math) are able to understand and feel confident enough to attempt and score in 4 or 5 marks problem sums. In fact, students are asked by school teachers to demonstrate to class how problem sums are approached and solved. A handful of students who used to score low 70s before joining, went on to score Full Marks for P6 Paper 2. Other students (those schools that provide class results statistics) rank above average in Paper 2 in their respective classes.

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Face-to-Face Group Tuition (Max of 2 or 3)

$40/hr for P4

$45/hr for P5 & P6

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